Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It Has Been a While...

---------Havent been on lately. With school being out and all, there never was a point to post anything. But school is back in! And summer is over :(. Instead of taking IT and DT this year we are taking them in turns, and I have DT (MT) first. So if I dotn say much for a while, it is probably because theres nothing to say. Anyways, just wanted to post something, ANYTHING. Bye.. -----------

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


--------For the project on the Wii, I had to complete an animoto and voicethread. Once I was done I had to present it all for the class. I think all the ideas about the Wii i had were portrayed in my presentation. I have a Wii myself, and I know what it's like. One thing I think I did well was finding a picture of someone actually using a Wii in school. To tell the truth, I didnt think I would find any. But I did, and it made the idea of wii in school so much more real. I think I have to work on my recording. Maybe find a quieter place and figure out what position the microphone has to be in for the best sound.-------
--------If I had to to anything over again i would do the voicethread. The voicethread was good but it lacked more information about the Wii in school. Other than that, I think the presentation was great.-------
--------Next year I hope grade 5 students can be as successful of some of the students in grade 6. Since I don't know what technology will be like next year (it is ever-changing!) I cannot make any recommendations. The only thing i can tell them is hand it in ON TIME! No one likes a late presentation, and your grades will show it. ;)-------

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I presented and it's the end of the class, I wasn't first though. ;) I'm glad i did it and while everyone else had to be chosen, I volunteered. I feel proud in how i preformed and some of the other presentations were really great. i hope they bring the tablet PC into school.:P


So i'm done and waiting to present. No one wants to go first. Well, I dont blame them. I dont want to either. So all im doing is waiting...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Wii

The Wii

So my voice thread is above. I guess that means im DONE! YAAY! :P :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Its been going well and I have most things done. I think I will make our deadline for this project (May 11). All I have to finish is the recordings for my VoiceThread. I will have to do that at home though because its too noisy in the classroom. I just need silence for recording. :) Other than that im done. ~

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Posting Delay

If I dont post it is probably because of my pressing IT work. At the moment a VoiceThread on the Wii in the Classroom is being made. Thank you for all your support and keep commenting!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Animoto Video

Here is the video I created about the Wii on Animoto!

Inspiration Map Of To-Do's

click it to open to a full-size picture!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Amazing Wii

What tasks can it be used for in school?
The Wii can be used in math because the whole class can participate coming up with multiple choice questions, with the curriculum on a disc. It makes it more fun the sitting in desks answering questions all day. Also, in any class that needs a waking up, in P.E. even! In P.E. you can practice for a sport before you really play it. Or as a warm-up.
Would all students need one?
No. Students could come up, and take turns using it to answer questions. Anyways, they could be at the front of the class and all students participate in the course. There is no need for everyone to have a separate one.
How could the use of the technology add value or improve the lesson?
It would make it much more exciting and fun for the teacher and the students. One of the best ways to learn is by doing, so wouldn't students learn better if they were having fun? I sure would. It would improve the overall memory of the lesson. Like, "Oh, I remember fractions! That was the day I got to answer a question on the Wii!" As a fellow student, i think that would be great.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What is the new technology?
I chose the Wii as my technology. It integrates fun and active learning by getting you up and moving.

How is it used in everyday life for communication or creativity?
It promotes active video games making it easy to have fun and stay fit. There can be internet acess and daily weather and news forwarded straight to it if you want it. Some games have focused completely on education or fitness.

Where do you get it and how much does it cost?
Most electronic stores will sell it and it usually goes for about 300 US dollars. Some stores provide them in different colours. Also, you can by them on Amazon is you do not mind wating.

What are the brands or models available?
Though only Nintendo sells this product, it comes in special editions. You may be able to find a different colour, but they are usually limited edition. There's a rumour that they may start selling different skin colours for them. That gives you the chance to personalize them.

How can the Wii be intergrated into school?
The wii provides fitness and fun for students. It's scientifically proven that kids learn much better when they do something fun to learn it. Wii does just that. There is a game completely dedicated to education, and this game is called Brain Academy. Using it will create fun activities and rewards for students. If the school really wanted to go far, they could create a program for the Wii, and the Wii will do the rest.

There you go, the Wii. An all around school helper. :D

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Blog! RAnDoMNeSs!

Hey! I made a personal blog called RAnDoMNeSs! You should check it out when you have a chance. It basically contains random stuff i cant keep bottled up, or id 'SPLODE with all that randomness! Ok, i hope you like it!

"How can I use iGoogle to support my learning at QA?"

1. Reminders: With iGoogle i can keep track of all my to-dos and remind myself of upcoming tests and quizzes.

2. Studies: With intergrated dictionaries and thesaurus' you can ask it anything. They even have daily spanish words! Pictures and stories can keep you up-to-date with new info.

3. Homework: Sometimes i need to kno the meaning of a word and then all i have to do is go on iGoogle and ask it the word. Easy as that!

4. News: News is automatically sent at least once a day. This keeps us up-to-date on whats going on in the world. It is great to get daily pictures too!

5. Communication: With iGoogle i can see all my friends blogs and see whats going on, especially when im absent. This will improve my know-how, and i can keep organized and stay along.

Overall, it is a GREAT program! I hope you use it too!


I recently signed up for an iGoogle. It is a great tool for getting new info everyday, from continuous sources. I think everyone should get one. If you want one, you go to and click iGoogle at the top. If you have a blogger account you can use that google account to sign in for an iGoogle. I hope that helps!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kinda Bored...

Ya, im kinda bored... add comments and tell me what kind of pics you want next. I may just add it!

New Technology: Wii's

Over the winter break I got a Wii. The technology for a Wii is extraordinary. With a remote you can control everything feeling your way around the screen. Even my parents love it! One of the best consoles I have played with. Some great websites for learning about a Wii are: The Official Wii Website, Great Wii Info, and the Wikipedia Description of a Wii. I think you should visit these sites if you want good info on Wii’s! Wii's are great for exersise and you get a heavy workout from playing it. Some games are low key, but some get you moving and working out. I played for a long time and i got so tired!