Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Evaluation ; )

My project has worked well in the sense that it gets across the message that I wanted to convey. My site shows that every child deserves an education and learning environment that will encourage them to try to succeed.
In the design/plan/investigate stage, I did research about which countries have the most dire need for schools. Africa and India seem to be places where most of the population has no proper schooling. This is due to many various factors like the large population, water deficits, economy troubles, ect. After designing/planning/investigating we went to the create stage.
The create stage was the longest stage and included the making of our website, brochure, and documenting our progress on blogs. I finished my website, and made both an Animoto and a Voicethread. I worked with my partner for the videos, but we had seperate websites and seperate brochures. And finally, after the create stage, we get to the evaluation stage, which is what I'm doing right now.
When it comes to the impact my project had on others, I would say that I am not sure. I'm not aware of anybody making any life changes to support my world issue (Lack of Education in Developing Countries), but I hope there will be.
If I could do something better it would be to work better with my partener, we had a lot of discussions that did not lead anywhere productive and wasted a lot of time. For the next project, I want to do something a little extra instead of just the guidelines, maybe collaborate with my partener better, like I said, and finish on a more timely manner so I have some time to check over my work.

Voicethread done :)

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If you have any suggestions on the web pages, please leave a comment.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

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Quick Updates and Screenshots

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I'm finished the animoto, and just need to finish the voicethread with my partner, Aoife.

Work Timeline

Week 1 : Started investigating.
Week 2: Set up iGoogle, blog about design cycle, write the answer to project research questions.
Week 3: Mindmap, news article, 12 Global Issues, Google Docs.
Week 4: Finish previous assignments.
Week 5: Make iWeb, Voicethread, animoto.
Week 6: Continue work on iWeb and videos.

Monday, April 27, 2009

African News Article On Education

Africa's first ladies urge education, health care

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog 3: 12 Issues We Face Today

1. Global warming/Climate Change = Global warming is what is happening because there is too much C02 being put into the atmosphere creating holes in the Ozone layer. This creates many more issues with weather and natural disasters. The reason for all of this C02 is that
we use too many cars (burning oil) , it comes from out of our cattle (in burps and gas) and is coming from our processes of making electricity.

2. Biodiversity and ecosystem losses = When we cut down a tree, we destroy all of the life inside of it. The millions of trees being cut are leaving less natural environments for the many animals on our planet. Slowly, this slaughter of trees is killing off many species we once saw on the earth. We are only left with the animals we allow to live and can adapt to our environment.

3. Fisheries depletion = The amount of fish we eat is out of control. We over-fish our waters, and the fish cannot reproduce fast enough. Since there is more fish being caught than reproducing, the numbers of fish available to us are slowly depleting. Fish are important to the underwater food chain, and us taking all of them is killing off larger species that eat them, and letting smaller species over-populate the water.

4. Deforestation = Trees give us oxygen. They provide homes for many of the species on our earth. So why do we kill all of the things that provide us with sustenance and life? We are killing more trees that once belonged to the wild land of our forests, and not planting enough!

5. Water deficits = Water is the reason our planet has life on it. But there is only so much, and most of it is trapped in glaciers. The problem here is that we are letting a lot of dirty water stay dirty leaving only the little amount we clean for drinking and hygiene.

6. The Oceans - Maritime safety and pollution = The amount o trash we dump in the ocean is crazy! We seem to think that is the best place to put it, but it is really the worst. Innocent birds are chocked by colourful trash they mistake for food, fish die from oil coating their lungs and body, and animals are poisoned by cyanide from divers who couldn't care less about their safety.

7. Poverty - Massive step-up in the fight against poverty = All around the world there are people less fortunate than you. They do not have access to education, health care, food, shelter, and even fresh water. They have no way of providing a living for themselves and are dieing needlessly because no one knows they exist.

8. Conflict Resolution - Peacekeeping, conflict prevention, combating terrorism = Thousands of people die each year from conflict, wars, and terrorism. Violence ended their life. Lets try and prevent further blood being shed needlessly.

9. Education - Education for all = Education is what allows us to have a better future. We need to have expertise and talent, and to discover our talents we have to get an education. When an employer sees you and then finds out for never went to school, you might as well have never gone. Every child and adult alike should have access to education. We need to bring it to them.

10. Diseases - Global infectious diseases = The more people on the planet there are, they quicker diseases spread throughout us. This means we need better prevention. Money needs to be spent on research and studies to try and control the many infectious diseases that affect us today.

11. Digital Divide = Some of us are lucky enough to own a mobile phone or a laptop, but the majority has no access to such things. There is divide of knowledge and information when you cannot go on the internet.

12. Natural Disaster prevention and mitigation = Our planet is rapidly changing and we need to be prepared for any disaster. There needs to be plans and safety regulations that will put people out of danger when something does end up going wrong.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Post 1 - MYP Design Cycle





Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post 2 - Investigation

I've started IT again, now with Mr. Jones.

1.How can we use the Internet to communicate and problem-solve global issues and the environment that are affecting our world today to a wider audience? The Internet is the playground of a new generation, and what better place is there to teach the next generation about the problems that will one day, cripple their life? Creating awareness by the World Wide Web is the start of a global campaign that can really appeal to any group of people. No matter the race or nationality, they can all unite on the web for a cause. So we can use websites and blogs to try and entice the next generation, and every one after that, that they can make a difference, and they should.
2. How can I make use of established Internet tools to support online publication and what are the best to use? To make a website you probably have to use a template hosted by a bigger website. It may be yours to customize but in the end, that website still owns it. Things like Piczo, MySpace, Blogger, Wikispaces, and Facebook all host many small pages belonging to different users, but since they are still a part of the host, they have things like "". That page is a part of wikispaces, as you can see in the address. These tools are readily available for everyone to use, and you can publish what you want to. These tools are very important for people who want to get a message out, and are popular for regular use.

3. How can the Internet be used to help a community solve a environmental issue? By getting out the message, people can comment on posts and voice their opinions. Online discussions are going on all the time where people can commerce and listen to each other. Websites and pictures are always being put out to show some of the environmental problems we are facing.

Some websites/blogs that are spreading the message: