Wednesday, May 28, 2008


--------For the project on the Wii, I had to complete an animoto and voicethread. Once I was done I had to present it all for the class. I think all the ideas about the Wii i had were portrayed in my presentation. I have a Wii myself, and I know what it's like. One thing I think I did well was finding a picture of someone actually using a Wii in school. To tell the truth, I didnt think I would find any. But I did, and it made the idea of wii in school so much more real. I think I have to work on my recording. Maybe find a quieter place and figure out what position the microphone has to be in for the best sound.-------
--------If I had to to anything over again i would do the voicethread. The voicethread was good but it lacked more information about the Wii in school. Other than that, I think the presentation was great.-------
--------Next year I hope grade 5 students can be as successful of some of the students in grade 6. Since I don't know what technology will be like next year (it is ever-changing!) I cannot make any recommendations. The only thing i can tell them is hand it in ON TIME! No one likes a late presentation, and your grades will show it. ;)-------

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I presented and it's the end of the class, I wasn't first though. ;) I'm glad i did it and while everyone else had to be chosen, I volunteered. I feel proud in how i preformed and some of the other presentations were really great. i hope they bring the tablet PC into school.:P


So i'm done and waiting to present. No one wants to go first. Well, I dont blame them. I dont want to either. So all im doing is waiting...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Wii

The Wii

So my voice thread is above. I guess that means im DONE! YAAY! :P :)