Monday, June 1, 2009

Evaluation ; )

My project has worked well in the sense that it gets across the message that I wanted to convey. My site shows that every child deserves an education and learning environment that will encourage them to try to succeed.
In the design/plan/investigate stage, I did research about which countries have the most dire need for schools. Africa and India seem to be places where most of the population has no proper schooling. This is due to many various factors like the large population, water deficits, economy troubles, ect. After designing/planning/investigating we went to the create stage.
The create stage was the longest stage and included the making of our website, brochure, and documenting our progress on blogs. I finished my website, and made both an Animoto and a Voicethread. I worked with my partner for the videos, but we had seperate websites and seperate brochures. And finally, after the create stage, we get to the evaluation stage, which is what I'm doing right now.
When it comes to the impact my project had on others, I would say that I am not sure. I'm not aware of anybody making any life changes to support my world issue (Lack of Education in Developing Countries), but I hope there will be.
If I could do something better it would be to work better with my partener, we had a lot of discussions that did not lead anywhere productive and wasted a lot of time. For the next project, I want to do something a little extra instead of just the guidelines, maybe collaborate with my partener better, like I said, and finish on a more timely manner so I have some time to check over my work.

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